Create your blog/newspaper and start writing about your hobbies, experiences, daily things whatever you want.. Share your news with readers, get interaction and move them to the highlights.


Papiroom is a new social media platform where you can create your personal newspaper and make news independently. Papiroom gives a chance to all users to create their own newspapers and manage them.

Papiroom is the only platform where you can create your own newspaper and making news independently. You are the editor here, and also the boss of your newspaper.

So There are more than 50.000 newspaper and they are making news in 40 different categories as entertainment, style, politics, enterpreneur, health… etc.Android and iOS appications are avaliable, too and Papiroom provides %60 of daily traffic from mobile devices.

Everyone has something story, daily things, hobbies, experiences to tell. You will be sharing are being news, here.Choose your category you are interested in and start making your news.Write, increase your number of your reader, take advertisements on your newspaper and earn Money.Your life, your experience, your news!


October , 2014

Beta Version of Web

January , 2015

Beta Version of Mobile App

February , 2015

Beta Version of Web and Mobile

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.Trust your team, have faith, you will win the game.


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